E.P.: I FEEL GREAT! every time I use my BHT. After years of suffering from working with toxic chemicals I finally found something that actually helps me eliminate them from my body and releases me from the constant pain that they caused. I can only imagine what my life would end up like without BHT. No Way! I'm getting back the years those chemicals were stealing from me. I started out using it every day cause i was so sick. But now I'm using it once a week. Its so easy to use and it really does the job!

M.A.: I got my first Bionic HydroTherapy 10 years ago for a patient that was in dire straights. BHT helped her through a very difficult health issue and continues to help many others. When the people who made BHT said "It's built to last so that you can leave it in your will for your great grandchildren", they weren't kidding! What a work horse! It is the smartest equipment investment I ever made. Thank you for your quality and your friendship!

J.D.: Ever had dental work and felt like your brain was in a fog? One of my patients came to me after dental work feeling like she was in a dense fog. Her brain was sluggish to the max. She put her feet in the BHT and the fog lifted.

J.D.: A patient came in with flu symptoms - congestion, fatigue, achiness - and was set to miss out on the New Year's celebration. However, after 1 BHT session, she partied all night long and even felt great the next day!

Dr.N.M.: I first used the Bionic HydroTherapy with the goal of detoxing medications from my system. While in the bath and reading the literature I was sure this was a hoax since there was no scientific citations anywhere. As I was driving away I was struck by a sudden realization. I was forced to pull over and schedule another session with the BHT. For five years I was in constant pain, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. This was the fist time my body was completely pain free. No other treatment had ever eliminated the pain. Now I own a Bionic HydroTherapy.

S.T.: I wouldn't be without my Bionic HydroTherapy. Symptoms from diabetes are significantly reduced with regular BHT sessions.

C.J.: Visiting with my sister she had me try the Bionic HydroTherapy. Not knowing what it was I just trusted she would not have me do anything that was harmful. While we talked the bath ran. When it was finished she told me to look down at my feet. I nearly jumped out of the bath. First of all I could not longer see my feet for all the crud that was in the water and second, I could see and smell the grease that I had worked with on an engine over a week before floating on top of the water. I'll be wearing gloves a lot more from now on when working with chemicals.

J.S.: I had my second Bionic HydroTherapy bath today and continue to be absolutely thoroughly fascinated with the process and results. I developed asthma as an adult and it was triggered by allergies and certain exercises so I have had restricted breathing issues for about 15 years. After my bath on Monday and today I am taking the deepest, most liberating breaths I have had in years!

S.O.: BHT is great at getting rid of Saturday night party after-affects.

J.Y.: My old friend who has been a mechanic for ever and was forced to retire because he couldn't maintain a grip on the tools of the trade reluctantly and resistantly did several (5) footbaths with my Bionic HydroTherapy. He is back to work with full strength in his hands and happy I coaxed him into using BHT.

C.K.: A client with type II diabetes tested blood sugar before doing a session with Bionic HydroTherapy and again after. It went from over 370 down to 270. That's amazing!

C.B.: My PSA score went from 7.3 to 6.0 after a 60 minute BHT session. Coincidence? Maybe. Whatever the reason for the drop, I am sincerely grateful and will keep on using it.

W.Z.: I didn't know what to expect with the Bionic HydroTherapy. My life had been restricted due to severe irritable bowel syndrome. My chiropractor suggested I try BHT to see if it would offer any help. Being highly doubtful but still desperately wanting to find help to get my life back I made the appointment. I did a 30 minute session with BHT and went home. I went about my life without any IBS episodes for two days before I realized it. Amazing!

K.N.: My knees just seemed to be getting old. I thought this is what everyone must go through when they hit their 50's. My massage therapist suggested I try Bionic HydroTherapy. I did a session on Wednesday and another on Friday. Saturday I was in the basement doing laundry when I heard the phone ring up in the kitchen. I bounded up the stairs like I did in my twenties and shocked myself. There was no pain.

H.I.: Living in Hawaii my family all go barefoot most of the time. As a result, we seemed to have an endless battle with athletes foot being passed back and forth. Once we started using the Bionic HydroTherapy the athletes foot disappeared.

K.S.: I work with people in drug rehab. The best success rate has been since the introduction of Bionic HydroTherapy into their program.

L.S.: After just a few sessions with the Bionic HydroTherapy, a child with autism is able to sleep through the night and has a significantly increased attention span.

J.B.: I tried other systems that looked like they did the same thing but once I tried Bionic HydroTherapy the difference was PROFOUND! BHT REALLY WORKS! I must have over 200 baths now on the original Ion Generator and it's still got a lot of life on it.

R.M. : We're having some truly remarkable results in our clinic. A woman suffering from breast pain for 3 years found relief for the first time using BHT. A man described feeling the release of prostate congestion by the end of his first BHT foot bath.

C.M.: The pain from gout was driving me mad - - until I started using Bionic HydroTherapy.  What a difference life can be when the pain goes away! Not only that, my annual check up blood work showed such an improvement in my kidneys that even my doctor was impressed!

J.K.: Lyme's disease had knocked me for a loop! Since using the BHT along with a cleansing protocol I feel like I am making fast progress.

J.F.: For the past 3 years I have been trying to get relief from shingles - nothing worked! Then, my massage therapist invited me to try her Bionic HydroTherapy. I tried it more to not offend her good intentions not believing for a second that it would do me any good. But low and behold all my symptoms disappeared!

M.M.: I was having a build up of pressure inside my head that made me feel like my head was going to explode. The doctors couldn't find out why but did give me relief by doing a spinal tap to reduce the pressure. I was doing that almost on a monthly basis. While visiting my sister-in-law one day the pressure was so bad inside my head I could hardly stand it. She had me put my feet in a tub of water and turned on the Bionic HydroThearpy. Amazingly by the end of the bath the pressure had subsided and my headache was nearly gone. I knew I had to have my own machine. Even though the spinal taps worked, they were painful and extremely expensive and each spinal tap increased the risk of developing scar tissue which has consequences of its own. Since using the BHT on a regular basis I have gone from monthly spinal taps to just one in 12 months.  

D.J.: I have been suffering from severe edema and poor circulation especially in my legs. Being a massage therapist I have availed myself of manual lymph drainage therapy to try to manage my condition. After the first Bionic HydroTherapy session I noticed my shoes were not as tight. After my second BHT session even my therapist noticed the improvement.

Each of these unsolicited testamonials demonstrates the body wants to recover its health - we need to clean out the trash that is preventing it from achieving optimum health.

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